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PDF Grenada Protected Area System Plan - Part 2

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Upload date 10 Oct 2014
Geographical coverage Grenada
Keywords Protected Areas, Biodiversity
Release date 31/08/2011
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1 Grenada System Plan-Part 2.pdf (current) 10 Oct 2014 730 KB application/pdf

This part of Grenada’s overall plan for a system of protected areas is a companion document to the July 2009, Grenada Protected Area System Plan-Part 1. It is intended to be read as part of that plan but approval of the system plan and this report can be considered independent of one another. 

This part of the plan provides an alternative to those existing administrative and management programs in an effort to address stated and recognized challenges. Its approval, in whole or in part, can occur now or, like other countries in the world, as Grenada’s development allows her to devote the financial resources to deliver a higher standard of management to her protected areas.