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Event Grenadians to Plant Trees in Support of Forest Biodiversity

Activitities to celebrate world Biodiveristy Day and Forest Biodiversity Day. Thousands of people will be planting a tree to celebrate both the International Day for Biodiversity and the International Year of Forests.

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Period [22/05/2011 - 05/06/2011]
Host Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development
Event URL
Contact person Mrs. A. St. Louis
Email address:
Phone: 440-2101
Geographical coverage Grenada

In celebration of activities commencing on Sunday 22nd May – Forest Biodiversity Day up to June 5th - World Environment Day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development is pleased to invite community groups clubs, N.G.O.’s and Science teachers to join others across the globe in the celebration of World Biodiveristy Day on 22nd May.

This year thousands of people (young and old) will be planting a tree to celebrate both the International Day for Biodiversity and the International Year of Forests! All around the world, students, teachers, workers, house- wives, government and non-government organisations will host and participate in special tree planting celebrations to increase awareness about biodiversity.

Grenada is a party to the Convention on Biological Diversity. This is the world's international treaty that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from genetic resources. By the simple act of planting a tree you can help raise awareness and educate young people on the loss of biodiversity that is taking place and the need to take action.

Fruit trees, are an important part of our biodiversity and food security – plant a tree today!

Two activities have been planned to which communities/clubs/Science teachers/ N.G.O.’s may choose to participate:

1. Planting of a fruit tree on your property to promote biodiversity and

2. Registering the community group’s /club/ N.G.O.’s name or school’s name on the Biodiversity website: .

NB: Other activities listed on the website may be done in recognition of the importance of forest biodiversity.

A limited number of seedlings are also available – please contact Mrs. A. St.Louis (440-2101) at the Ministry of Environment to receive seedlings.

Community groups are welcome to invite one of the Ministry of Environment’s “in house” scientists to visit during the period May 23rd to June 5th to be part of a planned biodiversity activity.

We look forward to the participation of all communities, clubs, N.G.O.’s and Science teachers.

For more information please contact Mrs. A. St. Louis : or 440-2101.